Five Year Craftsmanship Warranty on all buildings

LP® SmartSide® with 5/50-year Limited Warranty

LP® 3/8′ lap siding with 5/50-year Limited Warranty

Paint 12 Year No Crack No Peel

Urethane 10/25 Limited Warranty

40 Year Metal Warranty



Heritage Building Company Five Year Craftsmanship Limited Warranty
is provided on all new buildings and is made available to the original buyer only.

This warranty may not be transferred to subsequent buyers.





Heritage Building Company provides a limited warranty on all products against material abnormality or workmanship defect for a period of five years from the Heritage Building Company build date. Heritage Building Company also certifies that the building primarily coincides with the quality and workmanship of the same model displayed and which may have been shown to the buyer by the authorized Heritage Building Company Dealer, and from whom the buyer purchased the building. (ALL UPGRADES ADDED TO BUILD ORDERS)

Heritage Building Company makes no warranty (written, oral, or implied) on workmanship for products constructed or assembled by anyone other than Heritage Building Company or subcontractors working on behalf of Heritage Building Company. Heritage Building Company shall not be liable for the natural characteristics of pine or spruce wood which include but are not limited to splitting, warping, or twisting. This Five-Year Craftsmanship Limited Warranty extends only to material damages or workmanship flaws.

Heritage Building Company makes no warranty (written, oral, or implied) on any and all third-party products. Third-party products are covered by the warranties provided by the original manufacturer or the seller of the product. Third-party warranties may vary from product to product. It is the buyer’s responsibility to consult the applicable product documentation for specific warranty information. In addition, the buyer acknowledges that certain third-party product warranties may limit or void the remedies that they offer if unauthorized persons perform support service on the product.

Heritage Building Company does not warranty any product or part which has been discarded by you or any other person. Furthermore, Heritage Building Company does not warranty any product or part as a result of building damage caused by misuse, accident, improper maintenance, improper use, vandalism; or to barns which have been altered or modified without the express written consent and authorization of Heritage Building Company.

The Five-Year Craftsmanship Limited Warranty does not extend to acts of God which include but are not limited to tornadoes, hail, hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods. Heritage Building Company makes no warranty whatsoever with respect to accessories or parts incorporated into your product where the supplier or manufacturer of those materials has warranties on such materials which exceed the warranty set forth above.

The Warranty immediately becomes void when a Heritage Building Company barn is “finished out” by the buyer or is not used for the purpose of storage or is not used for the original intended purpose. Additionally, the warranty is voided on all buildings that are classified as repossessions.




  • Buyer must notify Heritage Building Company via the website Warranty Claim Portal within 30 days of
    discovering material damage or workmanship flaw with buyer’s building.
  • Buyer must retain bill of sale or be able to provide proof of purchase.
  • Buyer must take and submit photo(s) of the material damage or workmanship flaw.
  • Buyer must perform regular and adequate maintenance on the building.
  • Heritage Building Company or an authorized warranty agent must perform all warranty serving of the product.

Failure to meet these responsibilities as outlined above or failure to follow any warranty procedures as set forth below will result in a voiding and nullification of this Five-Year Craftsmanship Limited Warranty.

To obtain warranty service, you should contact Heritage Building Company via the website through the Warranty Claim Portal within 30 days of discovering a defect with the buyer’s building.

You must provide the following:

  • A copy of the bill of sale or other proof of purchase or serial number of the barn
  • A written description of the material damage or workmanship flaw
  • Picture(s) of the material damage or workmanship flaw

All warranties implied by the state law, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are expressly limited to the duration time set forth above. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you, with the exception of any warranties, guarantees, and similar obligations of the manufacturer or dealer with respect to the repair or replacement of any products or parts.


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